Holding Tank Sensors

Question: We have been full-timing in our Cyclone 3950 for almost two years and are pretty scrupulous about cleaning and flushing our tanks. We use a tank treatment in our black tanks each time we empty the tanks and have never had an odor problem.

The only thing is that our sensors show all the tanks are “full” all the time, even though we know they are not. Any suggestions?

One thing that is always seems to be a problem are holding tank sensors and keeping them clean so that they read accurately.

We too are fulltimers and as you say, are pretty scrupulous about flushing out our tanks. However, we have also experienced the same problem for short periods of time. Usually after extended travel where we are using the tank then moving without being able to dump before the move. The causes are solids that cling to the sensors like toilet paper or other things that can drape themselves over multiple sensors and give false readings.

We have not found any product that can fix it immediately. It seems to go away after a few days or weeks of sitting in one place and multiple tank flushing.

The other thing that we have read about is using ten pounds of ice in the holding tank and driving around for half an hour. You dump the tank then fill it about 1/3 of the way with clean water and add the ice then drive. When you return you dumping again then refill the tank to 2/3 full with clean water and add another ten pounds of ice and drive around for another half hour.

Please let us know if this has been of help and whether you come up with a solution that works for you.

Other ideas welcome !

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Dec 09, 2012 Emptying Tanks
by: debbie

When do you know to empty your waste tank on 1988 Kit Companion. I think the monitor for waste may have a problem.