Holiday Ramber Jack Light On Dashboard

by Michele (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Question: Our 1991 Holiday Rambler has a light on the dashboard that just started to light up “Jack”. We don’t have any jacks that came with it when we bought it (used). We bought some jacks for it – but they have nothing to do with the system. The light won’t go out. We pulled a lot of fuses but the light is still lit and draining motor battery (like in a car, not the big battery below). Any idea why – after the last year of not seeing this – does it light up?

Answer: No logical explanation is coming to our minds. If you can contact the manufacturer or a dealer who might have insight, it is worth a shot. You can try tracing the lines under the dash to get try to disconnect the light, although that still leaves the nagging question of why it when on in the first place.

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