Hooked Up 50 amp to 30 amp

by Rodney (Shertz, TX)

Question: I bought my 5th wheel 2006 Cedar Creek from a dealer in Louisiana. For display they had it hooked up to 30=amp breaker with the plug adapter to run only one air conditioner and other lights etc. for showing. The 30-amp plug was still on the 50-amp plug when my buddies arrived to set it up in Texas.

While I was gone, they plugged the camper into the 30 amp breaker & turned on both ACs, hot water heater, TV, fridge and Lord only knows what else. So when I got back, none of the lights work, the AC in the living room doesn’t work, the fridge doesn’t work. My 110 receptacles will work & the AC in the bedroom will work.

What is the worst case scenario I am looking at? What are the first things I should check? I have a service man coming out today & just don’t want to be over charged because I am ignorant of what has happened.

Answer: Just a few quick thoughts. Check the circuit breakers to see if those powering the inoperative appliances have been tripped. Also, if not done already, move the connection to the 50-Amp outlet and turn the power off and on again.

There is the possibility that the RV had a defect to begin with. If you get a sense that might be the problem, go back to the dealer for recourse right away.

By this time, the serviceman has probably come and gone. If so, please let us know the diagnosis so others can learn from your experience.

Hope it was something simple and inexpensive.