Losing Power

Losing Power

by Sue (Ontario, Canada)

Question: One part of the power in my trailer goes out several times in an evening:
TV, stereo, lights over the couch, lights in the kitchen, carbon monoxide detector, fridge, bathroom lights and bathroom exhaust fan.
Then after a minute, give or take a few seconds, it comes back on by itself. What would cause it to do this ? HELP

Answer: There could be various causes. We are assuming that you are plugged into 110 power. We are also assuming that part of your list (such as the lights) run on 12-volt DC and the other appliances (such as the TV, Stereo, fridge) are on 110-volt AC.

It could be that something is wrong with your converter or a bad ground. It could also be a loose wiring connection somewhere in the trailer.

You mention that part of the power goes out. It might be helpful in your troubleshooting to consider which appliances, etc. do not lose power. Perhaps this will be a clue as to the source of the problem.

Another thought is that you might have some sort of thermal fuse or breaker that is sensing that a circuit is overheating and automatically shutting down power on that circuit for a few minutes until things are cooled off.

If you have access to the trailer schematics, owner’s manual or can contact the trailer manufacturer, they may be good resources.

Other ideas and suggestions welcome.

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Jul 20, 2012

Re;Losing Power

by: Sue

We replaced the convertor and have not had any problems since
Thanks for the help

Jul 11, 2012

Re: Losing Power

by: Sue

Everything that is going out is all on the same circuit and connected to the 12-volt DC(battery).
Yes we are connected to 110-power but don’t have a battery in place.

After some discussion today, the consensus seems to be that it is the converter. We will be replacing it tomorrow and getting a battery. Wish us luck.
And Thank you

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