My new friends from Morro Bay

by Shirley (Modesto, CA)

My new freinds from Morro Bay

My new freinds from Morro Bay

My new freinds from Morro Bay


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My husband, Dave, drove our RV to meet some of our friends in Morro Bay for a three-day vacation.

A nice cool breeze was blowing through the window, the smell of the ocean was in the air, the sunshine was warm on my arm, and the sound of sea gulls was off in the distance as we drove down the coastal highway of Morro Bay, California. All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I spotted a man and his dog sitting in a chair on a small hillside. I took a second glance and realized the man was a dummy and the dog was made from wood.

I shouted to our friend John who was driving the car to turn around. I just had to have my picture taken with them. John laughed. “You are kidding.”
“No I’m not kidding.” I replied laughing.

Dave made the remark, “No, she not kidding.” Smiling that big smile of his.

John then made a U-turn and back we went. I jumped out of the car, crossed the street, and started jumping up the embankment to where the dummy and dog were sitting in a chair. Just about the time I was half way up the embankment a woman came out of the house and looked at me like I was some strange person from outer space.

I smiled a big smile and said, “Hello, I love your man and his dog. Do you mind if my husband takes a picture of me with them?”
She replied, “I don’t care at all. I’m just renting the place for a week. I could see why she was renting the house. It was just across the street from the ocean with a beautiful view.

I continued to climb and finally reach the place where the man and his dog were sitting in a chair.
From below I could hear Dave, John, and John’s wife, Sue laughing so hard.

I stood behind the man and his dog and snap when the camera. I told Dave to take one of me standing behind them and one of me sitting in the man’s lap. He just shook his head and kept taking pictures.

After I made it back to the car off we went to another adventure. It was a wonderful three days of beautiful scenery, great food, and wonderful friends – old and new.

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