Pop-Up Camper

Pop-Up Camper

This type of trailer may be known as a pop-up, tent camper or folding trailer. These are a relatively inexpensive enhancement ($4000 up to $25,000) to the camping trip – providing a couple of double beds, some screened in sleeping space, a sink, a cooktop, small fridge, and usually a dinette that converts to another sleeping area.

As you move up in size and price, you may find a toilet, shower, furnace, rigid walls and/or roof, or other amenities. Lengths range from 10 to 18 feet. 

Set up is usually easy – newer models may include a lift system. Their compact size makes for easier storage than a larger RV. And they are lightweight, so most can be towed with the average car, SUV or truck. Remember to be aware of towing limitations for your vehicles and understand proper towing procedures and considerations. We have a few pages on towing and RV weight on our site.

These are fun to see. Children of all ages have to marvel at how this all folds up into an easily towable box. We often check them out at RV shows to see the latest innovations. To us they are like an RV version of Mary Poppins’ bag, with more stuff inside than seems imaginable.

The sleeping areas that fold out are screened in and quite expansive. For most people, it beats sleeping on the ground in a tent, subject to uneven terrain and damp or wet conditions.

Bottom line: This trailer type is a great addition to the camping experience for families who want a little comfort thrown in.

Learn more about Pop-Up Campers. It’s a good idea to know how to use and maintain your pop-up. A handy DVD or download is a great way to learn and to use as a refresher