Class A Motorhome: learn how to operate and enjoy

Class A Motorhome

We chose a Class A motorhome for our purposes.   We like that we can
easily stop for a break with handy access to all the amenities of our
home.     Class A’s are self-contained units built on a
specially-constructed chassis in lengths ranging from 26 – 45 feet.   There is a wide variety of this type of RV, with many features and
amenities. Shop around to see all the different choices.

perhaps most important is knowing how to operate the various components
and systems. When we first bought our motorhome, there was a lot we had to
learn. Luckily you can take advantage of an informative video ( and have a handy refresher when needed).   We recommend the videos as a great way to learn about the
components and the three primary systems of the RV: the LP gas system, Water system and
Electrical system.  

Learn about the

Class A Motorhome

Advantages of the Class A motorhome include the easy access to the living area from the driver and passenger seats, the view out the large front window, and the home-like ambiance of the interior.   There are various floor plans available, and the slide-outs make the living area quite spacious.

Most Class A owners tow a vehicle behind, often four wheels down, but sometimes on a dolly or trailer.  This provides a way to get around town or where the navigating the longer length of a motorhome is not feasible.

There are gas and diesel powered motorhomes.  Typically the diesel pushers are on the higher end of the price spectrum, often with luxurious interiors.  But there are models in a wide range of price ranges with comfortable and well-designed use of space.   

On the down side, there are a few things to consider when choosing this type of RV.  Some people may find a longer motorhomes more difficult to back up and turn in tight spaces.   Don’t expect good fuel economy with these long and often heavy RVs.   Do plan for maintenance costs to take care of the motor portion of the vehicle, as well as its many appliances and amenities.    If you plan to use your RV mostly as a stationary home, consider whether a Class A (with an engine and transmission to maintain) is really your best choice. 

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If a Class A motorhome is your choice of RVs, make sure you know how
to use and maintain your tanks, check for gas leaks, operate and
maintain the generator, slide-outs, awnings, TV connections and
appliances.  Be knowledgeable about important safety precautions.  

Avoid having to learn things the hard way – instead, take advantage of these helpful videos.   Buy NOW