15 Best Teardrop Trailers

Whether you’re looking for vacation adventures in a traditional travel trailer or a funky new design that’s sure to turn heads, Your RV Lifestyle has compiled 15 of the best teardrop trailers on the market today. In no particular order, let’s take a look:

1. Polydrops

Modern, hip design of Polydrops

If you’re wanting the functionality of a traditional small trailer but with a totally modern look and maybe even a slight spaceship vibe, you’re sure to be as intrigued by Polydrops of Alhambra, CA, as we are. Polydrop states: “This isn’t a camping trailer. It’s your own space that you can travel with.” 

Polydrop Trailer Limited Edition Specs

While it doesn’t have a bathroom, we love the LED lights, gull-wing doors, and the convenient USB outlets, as well as knowing the Polydrop has hydraulic disc brakes. There’s a galley with 2 storage drawers, a cabinet to hold electronic devices and a solar charger. The thick wall insulation (up to 8.2”) and aluminum exterior ensures you’ll be warm during the winter months.

Weight: 760 pounds

Size: 149” x 65.6”

Number of Guests: 2

Limited Edition 2019 Price: $9,000

Specs: Polydrops

2. American Teardrop


The classic design of the American Teardrop Trailer

If you’re looking for a classic custom-designed trailer, check out American Teardrop located in Auburn, California. Their small production of about 40 trailers annually ensures your trailer will proudly be made in the USA. 


Currently the American Teardrop line-up offers 5 models, including the popular Harrier with its attractive storage options. The classic package Harrier option complete with a California king-size bed, a power fan, solar charger and a deep-cycle battery, plus a window for stargazing, a sleek aluminum exterior, and a galley with a stainless countertop and a sliding stove.


There’s no bathroom, but the American Teardrop trailers can be customized with lift kits and skid plates, as well as built-in stoves, ice boxes and bottom drawer storage. Of course, you can always add custom paint, graphics or colors to really make your teardrop trailer uniquely yours.


American Teardrop Harrier

Weight: 1,005 pounds

Size: 6’1” x 10’

Number of Guests: 2-3

Factory Direct Price: $11,645

Specs: American Teardrop Harrier

3. Droplet

Droplet 2019
The cute Droplet 2019 is ideal for weekend getaways

Based in Burnaby, BC, the Droplet offers up an impressive, bronze-tinted, half-dome front window providing both heat control and a nice degree of privacy. It’s also ideal for stargazing while you’re in the great outdoors.


While there’s no bathroom option with the Droplet, you’re able to fit your own storage solutions into the Droplet Naked or go with the Droplet Base Package which provides a pair of cabinets and shelves, a queen-size bed and LED lights for reading, plus a galley outfitted with an acrylic countertop/backsplash, a sink and a slide-out fridge


Weight: 950 pounds

Size: 6’6” x 12’5″

Number of Guests: 2

Price: Droplet Base Package $17,950 Canadian

Specs: Droplet

4. Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing

Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing

The adorable Boler-style design by Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing

Does this design look familiar? It’s because the classic Boler trailer lives again! This Canadian icon of the 1960s-80s has been revived by using authentic Boler moulds purchased by Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing of Armstrong, BC. 

Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing FLOOR PLAN

The Boler-like Armadillo trailers featuring two-piece fibreglass shells are highly-customizable by offering choices for both interior laminate and fabrics. Kitchens, closets and convertible dinettes are included in all Armadillo models. Optional features such as portable toilets, front bench seats and/or bunk beds ranging up to triple are available.



Weight: 1,800 pounds

Size: 7’6” x 6’8”

Number of Guests: 2

Price: $25,900 Canadian

Specs: Armadillo

5. Hütte Hut

Hütte Hut
The spacious interior of the Hütte Hut

As a division of Sprouting Sprocket in Carpinteria, CA, the Hütte Hut trailer is a high-end, wood-lover’s dream come true. With precision craftsmanship and those gorgeous baltic birch woodgrains, the Hütte Hut features plant-based epoxy cabin construction and a lightweight aluminum space frame.


While there’s no bathroom, the unique canvas top allows diffused light to give a nice glow to the trailer, providing a warm, homey, almost cabin-like feel, in addition to that beautiful wood found throughout.


Hütte Hut

Weight: 900 pounds

Size: 14’ x 6’6”

Number of Guests: 2-3

Price: $63,900

Specs: Hütte Hut


6. The Little Guy Mini Max from Liberty Outdoors

little guy

2019 Little Guy Mini Max w/Off Road Upgrade and Solar 

Manufactured in Somerset, PA, the Little Guy Mini Max offers a spacious interior and comes with a 2-year warranty. And don’t let its name fool you, this little guy is loaded with features you’re sure to love.

Guy Max Interior


Here’s what you’ll find inside: a kitchen with maple cabinetry, a generous 5-cubic foot fridge, a 2-burner stove, a microwave, and a good-sized sink, plus a convertible dinette and a convenient wet bath. There are 4 large windows and the Little Guy Mini Max sports a spacious 6’-high interior.


Little Guy Mini Max

Weight: 1,993 pounds

Size: 6’9” x 17’2’

Number of Guests: 2-3

Price: n/a ????

Specs: Little Guy Mini Max

7. iCamp Elite

iCamp Elite
iCamp Elite

Manufactured by CenTech Specialty Vehicles, and distributed by United Recreational Vehicles in Hackensack, NJ, the compact iCamp Elite offers a bathroom, and a kitchen featuring high-gloss cabinets, a fridge, a stove and a convertible dinette area. LP gas and smoke detectors are also part of the standard package.


The iCamp Elite comes with a powered roof vent, electric brakes, and a steel frame with powder coating, plus there’s a porch light, and both window and door screens. Available options include an iPod connection, a flat-screen TV, a LP furnace or an air-conditioning/heat pump.

iCamp Elite Night floor plan
iCamp Day

iCamp Elite

Weight: 2, 366 pounds

Size: 14’ x 6’8”

Number of Guests: 2-3

Price: approximately $15,995

Specs: iCamp Elite


8. Classic Fitted Barefoot Caravans

Classic Fitted Barefoot Caravans
Spacious window and retro feel of the Classic Fitted Barefoot Caravans

If you’re looking to go camping in 2020 in a great retro-style teardrop with a British touch, you’re in luck. Barefoot Caravans of Gloucestershire, England, is scheduled to start production of it’s Classic Fitted caravan in conjunction with nuCamp RV for the North American market next year. 

Barefoot Caravans INTERIOR

This trendy, fibreglass trailer with its fun egg-shaped design offers a sleek interior featuring a curved bathroom with a toilet and shower, plus plenty of cubby holes for storage, as well as a galley that comes complete with a two-burner stove, a sink and a fridge.


Classic Fitted Barefoot Caravans

Weight: 2,094 pounds

Size: 16’7” x 6’3”

Number of Guests: 

Price: £25,500

Specs: Classic Fitted Barefoot Caravans

9. HC1

2019 happier camper HC1

The adaptable HC1 by Happier Camper

Built by Happier Camper of Los Angeles, CA, the HC1 seamlessly melds a combination of retro styling with a versatile adaptive modular interior which can be reconfigured into a number of different layouts. The HC1 also features a large rear hatch and panoramic windows. 


Available components within the completely convertible interior include options for table tops, counters, cushions, toilets, ice boxes, and kitchenettes with sinks. Simply remove components to allow room to load sports equipment, or add cushions making enough room for up to 5 people to sleep comfortably.


HC1 Happier Camper FLOOR PLANS


Weight: 1,100 pounds

Size: 13’ x 6’11”

Number of Guests: up to 5

Price: $24,950

Specs: HC1

10. XTR Weekender

2018 VTW XTR Off Road trailer

The rugged yet practical VTW XTR Off-Road Trailer


If you’re looking for an off-road teardrop trailer, the base XTR Weekender from Extreme Tears in Charlevoix, MI, offers a convertible queen size mattress and a galley with a stainless countertop. 


While there isn’t a bathroom, there are upgraded options offered such as roof racks, a stargazer window, a side mounted barbecue grill, and entertainment packages, along with a 50W solar or a 12V power package.


XTR Weekender

Weight:  1,400 pounds

Size: 8’ x 5’

Number of Guests: 2

Price: $8,995

Specs:XTR Weekender


11. Timberleaf Teardrop Trailers

2018 Timberleaf Trailers Classic

There’s something so appealing about the color of this Timberleaf Teardrop

Built in Grand Junction, CO, the sporty Classic Teardrop base package includes a queen-size mattress, almost 20-square-feet of formica counter tops, a rear galley and a 44” x 26” tinted skylight. The R-11 insulation ensures you’ll be comfortable in both winter and summer.

Classic Teardrop INTERIOR

If you’ll be heading into more rugged terrain, there’s an optional off-road package offering an articulating hitch, electric drum brakes, a 4” lift and a Timbren Axle-Less suspension.


Classic Teardrop

Weight: 1,400 pounds

Size: 14’ x 6’6”

Number of Guests: 2-3

Price: $21,500

Specs: Classic Teardrop

12. Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop

2018 Big Woody Teardrop Traile

The classic look of the 1950s style-Big Woody Teardrop Trailer

The retro-style design of the Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Camper is appealing in itself, but add in double galley sinks, a wine rack, cedar-lined storage, side tables and patio lights, and you’ll be camping in style in no time. 


Big Woody is currently only selling parts and accessories, 4 different plan options, and kits including electrical and galley, for you to build the Ultimate Teardrop yourself. 


Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Camper

Weight: 1,000 pounds

Size: 4’ to 6’ in length

Number of Guests: 2

Price: $13,789 build-it-yourself

Specs: Big Woody Ultimate Teardrop Camper

13. Cricket

2019 TAXA Outdoors Cricket

The pop-up roof of the 2019 Taxa Outdoors Cricket 

Built by Taxa Outdoors of Houston, TX, this rugged trailer with a pop-up roof sports great cross ventilation through its 4 swing/5 mesh windows and an open, spacious feel.

Cricket TAXA Outdoors INTERIOR

Additional features include under-the-bed storage, a picture window, a large galley and LED lighting. A portable toilet and a shower tent are optional, as are a fridge, roof load bars, an awning and a hanging berth for kids.



Weight: 1, 732 pounds

Size: 15’ x 6’ 7”

Number of Guests: 2 adults, 2 kids

Price: $28,857

Specs: Cricket

14. Nest by Airstream

2019 Airstream Nest

The gorgeous sleek interior of the 2019 Airstream Nest

Think Airstream is all about aluminum? Their hip Nest travel trailer has a fiberglass body, Bluetooth controlled LED lights, tons of storage, a bathroom, and a generous galley with a microwave, a fridge and handcrafted Italian cabinetry. 

Nest by Airstream Floor Plans

And the bonus here? Nest also comes with both a 3-year warranty and a roadside assistance package. Air conditioning and heating come standard.



Weight:  3,400 pounds

Size: 16’7” x 7’1”

Number of Guests: 

Price: $42,900

Specs: Nest

15. Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

2019 Scamp 13

Easy towability of the 2019 Scamp Standard 13’

The cute Scamp Standard trailer offered by Scamp Trailers of Backus, MN, is lightweight and easy to set up. It features R-15 insulation and rear mounted stabilizer jacks.

Scamp 13 Floor Plan

The fiberglass Scamp comes standard with a double bed, and your choice of either a bathroom or a convertible bunk bed area. A galley area offers an ice box, a two-burner stove and a sink. Air conditioning and furnaces options are available.

Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer

Weight:  1,200-1,500 pounds

Size: 13’ x 7’6”

Number of Guests: 4

Price: $12,395

Specs: Scamp 13’ Standard Trailer