Class C Motorhome: What is the Difference

About the Class C Motorhome


The Class C motorhome is most recognizable by its look.  It is built on a specially made automotive chassis with
both driver and passenger side doors. Lengths range from 20-35 feet.   In
addition to a regular bed, they usually have a bed over the cab (hence
they are sometimes called a “cab-over” motorhome).

This type of RV has full living quarters, sleeping, kitchen and bathroom facilities,  It often includes slideouts and choices in available features
and amenities.    Over the years, a variety of floor plans have been introduced to suit the needs of different types of RVers.   Enjoy shopping around, and be sure to learn about how to
operate this type of motorhome.

Class C Motorhome Pros and Cons

The front of the vehicle — which includes the engine, doors, dash, and cockpit area — is of the same general construction and look as a van or a pickup truck.

The Class C offers several advantages.  They generally cost less than Class A RVs.   On average they provide better fuel mileage.  Since they are shorter in length, they can be easier to maneuver.   Some drivers may feel more comfortable driving a Class C motorhome.  The large cab-over bed means additional sleeping space which is great for families.   

On the downside,  Class C motorhomes typically have less carrying capacity to put all your stuff into the RV without overloading it.  Towing capacity is also less, although you can tow a small car or boat with some.    Be sure to check the specifications for any RV that you may consider. 

As with any type of RV, it is important that you how to operate the
primary systems of the motorhome: the LP gas system, water system and
electrical system.     We suggest the helpful videos that cover the

Just to name a few things,  RVers should know about campground
hook-ups, how to level their RV, flushing and sanitizing tanks, how to
operate  slide-outs, check for gas leaks, and how to use their

There are safety cautions and warnings that you
should heed.  And it helps to get some tips about some of the common
conveniences of RVs – awnings, TV connections, appliances, etc. 

We suggest that newbies take the time to learn before they make costly mistakes.  Start with a Class C motorhome video.

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