Outdoorsy Review – Why this is the Only RV Rental Company You’ll Need

With all the RV Rental companies out there, how can you find out which one is the best?

The truth is, if you want to rent an RV in the U.S., there’s really only one RV rental platform you need.

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Before I tell you which it is, let me explain myself…

Why I think there’s only one RV rental company you’ll ever need

I’ve been a full-timer for 3+ years. That means I long ago forsook the “sticks and bricks” home life for an RV powered road-venture. My home is a 1988 Airstream Excella that my wife and I have meticulously restored into a wonderful tiny house on wheels.

1. My home a 1988 Airstream Excella
This is my wife and my first home together – and we love it.

I’ve soaked RV life into my soul, so I know a thing or two about what to look for in an RV rental company that will offer you a spectacular adventure.

The truth is, most RV rental companies out there don’t get it because they see the whole process as merely a transaction rather than the chance to create wonderful RV’ing memories for you and your family.

When my wife and I first got on the road, we quickly discovered that there is an entire community of people out here who are in search of a new kind of life. We found that the folks we met on the road, be they full-timers or weekend warriors, were all seeking the same things: a life filled with new outdoor adventures, a life of creating unique memories with our loved ones, and a life that is simpler and freer.

So, if I were in your shoes and seeking an RV rental company that could provide me a taste of that life, there’s only one place I would go.

I’ll tell you where soon, but for now…

Here are some examples of RV rental companies you DON’T need (and why you don’t need them)

  • Cruise America – If you want a cookie-cutter RV that is literally a rolling billboard for a corporation, then, by all means, rent with these guys.If, on the other hand, you want a taste of what road-life is really like, you should steer clear of Cruise America.Cruise America’s prices are high and their RVs all look virtually identical. It’s true you’ll get the practical support you need like roadside assistance and insurance, but you’ll get no real help creating unique memories because Cruise America is all business.
  • El Monte RV – I see these cats on the road every day and, much like Cruise America, they seem to have a fleet of identical RVs that are about getting you on the road without truly getting into road-life.I know they might feel like the comfortable choice because you’ll know exactly what you’re getting – but RV’ing is actually about being adventurous and exploring new things.Ditch El Monte because there’s another option out there that’ll get you top-notch service and amenities while also giving you a true taste of road-life.
  • RV Share – To be fair, the folks at RV Share get quite a bit right. They’re a peer-to-peer market, meaning that you’ll be renting an RV from an individual who has one to rent out. Because of this, they offer a wide variety of unique RVs owned by people who get it.

    But RV Share is still not my pick for the only RV rental platform you need because they don’t get some vital ingredients of what road-life means. If you jump to their site, you’ll see little to no mention of what makes the RV life so fantastic, you’ll receive minimal support for creating wonderful memories with your family, and RV Share still seems to view the whole process as a transaction rather than the adventure it is.It’s not that I think RV Share is bad, it’s just that I believe there’s a far better option out there…

This is the only RV rental company you’ll ever need.

There’s only one RV rental company out there that truly gets the magic of the road: Outdoorsy.

Often called the Airbnb of the RV world, Outdoorsy is a peer-to-peer rental company that allows you to rent RVs from real people who love road-life. But don’t let that part worry you – Outdoorsy is also highly professional. They provide roadside assistance, up to $1 million in included insurance, and they even have a support team devoted to helping you create wonderful memories whilst on the road with your family.

The reason I dig Outdoorsy so much is because, along with offering the most diverse selection of RVs for rent, they also love the community that makes road-life so special. By renting with Outdoorsy, you’ll have a  wonderful rental experience and get a taste of what it truly means to RV.

This video from Outdoorsy shares more:

Here are a few other practical tidbits that I love about Outdoorsy:

2. Decked out Motorhome
From pop-ups to decked out rigs like this one, Outdoorsy has something for everyone

  • Prices to fit any budget – Rentals range from $50-$300+ per night so you can pick the sort of experience you want.
  • Roadside assistance and insurance included – No matter what happens on the road, Outdoorsy will bend over backward to keep you rolling.
  • Outdoorsy owners are world-class RVers – Most of the folks that own RVs on Outdoorsy’s platform are wonderful people who are eager to help you fall in love with the camping lifestyle.

3. Campervan Surfboard
One of the many cool rigs on Outdoorsy that shows how much Outdoorsy’s owners love showing people how to RV.

  • Outdoorsy actively supports your adventuring – Unlike any other RV rental company out there, Outdoorsy has a team devoted to supporting you as you create wonderful memories with your loved ones. Here are some examples of what I mean:-Need to know the best way to cook a s’more? Just give Outdoorsy a call and they’ll help you become a connoisseur.-Struggling to build the perfect campfire? Outdoorsy has dedicated support to get you fired up in no time.-Wondering what sorts of camping games to play with the kids? The Outdoorsy community will help you out.

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I’m proud of my lifestyle as a “full-timer” and I truly enjoy when I can help others discover the magic of life on the road. That’s why it pains me to see RV rental companies that want to reduce our beautiful life to a fleet of cookie-cutter rigs. The next time you’re looking to rent an RV, be sure to check out the only company that really understands the dream.

4. White Sands National Park Living the Dream
My wife, me, and our tiny-home at White Sands National Park