15 Best Pop Up Campers

How much do you love RVing? I hope you agree with me that an RV life is one of the best experiences you can have in your lifetime. However, getting set for a camp can be costly at times, and you have to work within your limits.

I usually start thinking about the best pop up campers when the thought of camping strikes. And I hope this clicks in your mind first. But are you well equipped to go for the best among many in the market? What should you consider when buying a camper?  We seek to find the brands that you may want to try during your next camp.

What are Pop Up Campers?

This type of trailer may be known as a pop-up, tent camper or folding trailer. These are a relatively inexpensive enhancement ($4000 up to $25,000) to the camping trip – providing a couple of double beds, some screened in sleeping space, a sink, a cooktop, small fridge, and usually a dinette that converts to another sleeping area. 

As you move up in size and price, you may find a toilet, shower, furnace, rigid walls and/or roof, or other amenities. Lengths range from 10 to 18 feet. 

Set up is usually easy – newer models may include a lift system. Their compact size makes for easier storage than a larger RV. And they are lightweight, so most can be towed with the average car, SUV or truck. Remember to be aware of towing limitations for your vehicles and understand proper towing procedures and considerations. We have a few pages on towing and RV weight on our site.

These are fun to see. Children of all ages have to marvel at how this all folds up into an easily towable box. We often check them out at RV shows to see the latest innovations. To us they are like an RV version of Mary Poppins’ bag, with more stuff inside than seems imaginable.

The sleeping areas that fold out are screened in and quite expansive. For most people, it beats sleeping on the ground in a tent, subject to uneven terrain and damp or wet conditions.

Bottom line: This trailer type is a great addition to the camping experience for families who want a little comfort thrown in.

What are the Benefits of Pop up Campers?

Pop up Campers bring you many benefits. Since it is the easiest shelter you can use, you’ll enjoy several aspects of the camper. Let’s think about their benefits:

  • Convenient- The pop up campers give the required flexibility. You can set it and unhitch it wherever you feel like and have it in your car when traveling.
  • Ease in Storing – The pop up campers are easy to keep and maintain. Thanks to their compactness, that saves your RV’s space when camping.
  • Highly Portable – Would you want to camp around with a heavy pop up camper? The one that will be taxing for you during your recreation tour? I bet no. These campers are lightweight and hence easy to carry around.
  • Ease of use – Imagine looking for a specialist to set and unhitch the pop up camper when you get to the destination. That would not work. Since the campers are user-friendly, you can erect and unhitch yourself when leaving.

Still, the pop up campers will protect you from harsh weather conditions. You don’t need a very powerful engine, thanks to their tow ability.

15 Best Pop Up Campers

Below is the list of the 15 best pop up campers that you could consider during your next camping:

2017 Forest River Flagstaff

2017 Forest River Flagstaff
An external view of a
2017 Forest River Flagstaff pop up camper

2017 Forest River Flagstaff is a pop-up camper that comes in two models. The flagstaff is a pop-up style camper that contains two hard sides. The second option is Rockwood. Let’s think about the Flagstaff, which is a choice of many. 

The camper comes with its package of essential items. You will get a stove, a kitchen and a sink, dinette area and a spacious sitting area. Interestingly, you can add a room on the Forest camper through the awning.

The space of this camper is enclosed by screens. This gives you the best view while keeping you off from harsh camping weather.

Air Opus

Air Opus
An internal view of
2016 Opus Folding Camper. The view shows the living room which serves as the dinette and the kitchenette. 

Air Opus pop up camper is an excellent choice for you as it sits on a small, lightweight trailer. You will probably love it since it is well equipped with all that you need when camping. Besides, you won’t stress yourself on storing the camper as you can keep it in your garage.

You will enjoy erecting the camper as it uses Air Pole technology. In less than two minutes, the camper will self-inflate through air tubes and a pump. The same ease of putting it up is seen when bringing it down after your camping.

Starcraft Comet

Starcraft Comet
A view of the inside arrangement of a
2000 Starcraft pop up camper featuring the living room and the bed area.

If you’re camping with your family, then the Starcraft could be your choice.

The pop-up camper contains two beds- a full-size on one side and a queen bed on the opposite. This guarantees you and your family a good night’s sleep.

Between the two beds, you will have a beautiful dining area enough for the entire family.

Livin Lite

Livin Lite
The living room of a 
2018 Livin Lite Camplite. It shows a table, and two benches that are folded into a double-queen sized bed.

Livin Lite has different models of pop up campers. They avail around six models which feature different specs. The most common is the Quicksilver Truck Automotive which is a large, soft, sided camper.

Most Livin Lite campers are named according to their sizes. The Quicksilver above comes in 6.0, 8.0 and 10.0.

The quality of the camper improves according to size. While the 6.0 is light and limited in space camper, the 10.0 is huge and hard.

Most of these pop-up camper models are fitted with stoves and tables for your convenience.

SylvanSport Go

SylvanSport Go
The outside view of a
2015 SylvanSport Go pop-up camper showing all the equipment that the camper brings you. The side images show the inside view of the camper with some people inside.

The SylvanSport Go weighs 840lbs and measures 11’ 11” by 6’3”. It is a unique camper that you would want to have if you are camping alone or with a lover.

Despite its small size, it offers you a dinette table and one huge bed. This guarantees you a classy comfort during your camping exercise.


Jayco Jay Sport Trailer

Jayco Jay Sport Trailer
The external view of a
2017 Jayco Jay Series Sport 8SD. The view captures the entrance and partly the arrangement of some items within the camper.


Jayco Jay is a stylish and well-ventilated pop-up camper that gives you a variety of seats in your temporary camping house. The excellent furnish on the camper makes you feel at home.


The camper gives you the prestige of camping with your family as it has enough space for that. Imagine of an arrangement where you have a sofa facing a table and you have a movie for your family at night after a long day camping? Great, right? 


Preparing meals is easy as the camper has a kitchen. It features classic lighting, furnishing, and insulation. 

Forest River Rockwood High 

Forest River Rockwood High
The inner view of 2018
Forestwood Rockwood High Wall showing the dinette, the sitting bench, a bed and a kitchenette area.

Forest River Rockwood High weighs 3249 lbs. And measures 19’3’’ by 7’. It has zero slide outs.

The spacious camper offers you a bed, a table, and a dinette for your family or friends. You don’t have to go camping alone because of space.

The camper is spacious and offers you a three burner glass stove, an oven, a WIFI booster, and a microwave to give you a home feeling.


The kitchenette and the sitting arrangement inside
Coachmen Clipper pop-up camper. There are two sitting benches and a table(behind the stove). This living room also acts as a dinette

Coachmen allow you to choose between Coachmen Clipper and Viking model. Each of these contains extended berths plus a dinette and a seating space.

It also gives you a bonus of space to store your stuff at the center of your camper.

As if that’s not enough, the camper gives you a toilet, a stove, and a shower.

Rockwood Extreme Trailer

Rockwood Extreme Trailer
The external appearance of a
2019 Forest River Rockwood ESP. The camper is parked outside a building.

This is a modern pop up camper customized for the everyday life of a camper. The offer allows you to enjoy a digital receiver, an MP3 player. WIFI receiver, a recharging station, and a duo USD port, among other goodies.

The camper gives you the prestige of a wooden effect carpet, a four-poster bed, and a dinette. You will also have a kitchenette well equipped for your camping exercise.

However, the pop-up camper is quite expensive to buy.


2019 Aliner Ranger 12 showing the arrangement of the sitting section containing two benches and a table and a sink. 

Aliner is responsible for A-frame style campers. The brand boasts six different pop-up campers. You could choose the Expedition, Classic, Scout, Ranger 10, 12 and 15.

Aliner campers are lightweight hence easy to carry around. Again, assembling is easy, and this has made it a preferred brand among campers

Palomino Yearling Camper

Palomino Yearling Camper
2014 Palomino Yearling pop up camper parked during a camping exercise. 

The Palomino Yearling camper allows you to camp with family and friends. With a sleeping capacity of 7, you could carry along your lover and kids and still have some more room for a friend. The camper is 15 feet long.

Amenities offered by this camper include a dining table, a kitchen sink, a stove, two water tanks, Propane 12 lbs for your lighting, and a heater. You will also enjoy the ceiling fan.

Sportsmobile Classic

Sportsmobile Classic
Newport Camper model showing the internal arrangement of the camper. It has a bed, sitting benches and a kitchenette area.

The Newport is a camper model by Coleman. The 19 feet long folding trailer accommodates a maximum of 4 individuals during a camping exercise. So if you are looking for a camper for your young family, then this is one choice you might want to consider. 

The camper has limited amenities due to its relatively low price compared to others. Some of these amenities include a stove, tow hitch, a 5-gallon water tank, and propane 5 lbs.

If you love pets, then you can carry them along with you as the camper does not have a restriction on them.

Chesapeake Pop Up Camper

Chesapeake Pop Up Camper
The internal appearance of
1991 Coleman Chesapeake pop-up camper indicating the bed and the living room. 

Chesapeake is one of the campers you would love for its appeal and beauty. The camper comes with a Queen’s bed, a double bed for your family, and a dinette.

The camper accommodates six people making it a potential choice for your family.

Its goodies include a two-burner stove and a mini sink, which makes your meal preparation a walk in the park. As a bonus, it has hot water and a furnace to make your stay a memory.

The Turtle

The Turtle
The Turtle pop up camper. This is a Jayco series camper. The above photo shows the internal of the camper with the bed, dining table, and the sitting benches.

The Turtle camper is a model of Jayco. It comes with a sleeping capacity of 6 people. The 16 feet long camper is probably one of the cheapest models you can have for your camping exercise. 

The camper has various amenities. Among them include a dining table, heater, a generator, stove, water tanks, and three propanes lamps for adequate lighting of the camper. 

The camper is pet-friendly but you are not allowed to smoke in it.

A-Liner Expedition Camper

A Liner Expedition Camper
A-Liner Expedition pop up camper showing a bed, a kitchenette area and the windows

The A-Liner expedition is a modern camper that comes with some space for your camping accessories.  The house on wheels brings you a queen bed for you and a partner. But if you have a third party, there is an extension of the third sleeping space.

You will also have a tank for your fresh drinking water, a gas grill, a refrigerator with a freezer, a microwave, a sink, a shower, and a toilet.

The camper allows you to enjoy two outdoor chairs and an outdoor rug.


Camping is fun. But having the right camper makes it more beautiful and memorable for you, your family, and friends.

You have to be careful when selecting the right camper. Of course, you should think about the number of people to use it, the facilities that come with each brand, the kind of weather in your camping area and most importantly, your budget.

Answering the above questions gives you a precise brand that will work for you. Make a choice, go for one, and enjoy your camping exercise today.