RV Portable Stairs

by Kim (Las Vegas)

Question: Where can I buy portable stairs? They have to be at least 33 inches high.

Answer: We have not looked for portable stairs ourselves, so are posting your question for input from other RVers.

In the meantime, we did a search for portable stairs for RV and came up with a couple websites. Perhaps you can make contact for further information. We don’t know anything about these companies or their products – they are just part of the search results we found:




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Apr 24, 2015 Comments for Portable Stairs
by: HCCR RV Products
We have many options to adjust to various heights. We have standards at 21,28,35 inches but also have height options and do custom. For a 41 inch threshold height a standard 35 inch model works fine. We have a many, many of them out there.

Our stand risers are 7 inches. We also have adjustable legs that can add up to 4-5 inches. You want to have between 3-7 inch wiggle room between top step (StairLite model) or Deck (porch, platform) StairSafe model to allow for sites that have raised patio or are not level.

If you have unit at same height as your threshold, you will run into issues where you door will not open and you may have to block up tires to raise RV. If your RV doesn’t move sites, then you can go with a unit of 40 inches. We have done units up to 58 inches for portable commercial applications.

Bottom line – a standard 35 inch unit will support 38-42 inch threshold. Check our pricing button for documentation on how to select right height, and also our galley for the many options on setting up a unit. Our stairs can be set up any way you wish (center or side entry) and change as needed for new RV site or new RV.

Give us a call and we can explain better plus give you a free quote. (check our face book link on www.hofmasnnccr.com and also our photo/video gallery.
Len Hofmann (owner-HCCR RV Products)
480-837-4927 lhofmann@hofmannccr.com

Apr 22, 2015 No problem
by: Hofmann rv products
Your threshold height is not an issue . Email or give us a call..

Apr 01, 2015 the Hoffman steps look good but
by: Anonymous
I looked at the second site referenced and the stairs and deck looked very nice, but my trailer has a 41 inch height at the door. They only offer 35 inch height steps.