Propane Water Heater

Propane Water Heater

Question: I am living in my travel trailer full time. Should I turn off the hot water heater between uses or let it run? What uses more propane in the long run?

Answer: It will really depend on several factors. One would be the efficiency of your water heating system. Another is how often you use the hot water and are turning it off and on.

If you are going to be fulltiming for a while, your best bet might be to do a couple trial runs to see which uses more propane over a period of time. That way you will get the real answer for your specific setup.

Another consideration if you are have a hookup with unlimited electricity most of the time, would be to install a small electric hot water heater that will meet most of your needs. You would have to weigh the cost of buying and installing the electric hot water heater compared to any potential savings.

By the way, some propane hot water heaters also have an option to run them on electricity.

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Jan 23, 2012

easy ways to camp….


It’s true that the propane used would depend on you and how frequently you turn your water heater on and off. But if you only wash dishes and take bathes in the evenings, turning the propane on 45 minutes prior to usage you would save propane.

Also they make a electric conversion for gas-only water heaters, they are easily installed and can be installed by your favorite RV tech. Normally, depending on the conversion you choose, the cost is low.

Dec 01, 2011

Maybe Switch to Tankless Water Heater?

by: Anonymous

Not sure if You can afford it but I am looking into a tankless water heater. Only uses propane when You turn the Hot Water On.
Sounds Good to Me 🙂
Have a Good Day

Nov 02, 2011

Another option…

by: Red Wolf

When I’m at our cabin in the winter and only have hot water in the bathroom, I use a large percolator to heat water in the kitchen. It’s about a thirty cup model. It heats the water just right for washing dishes in the sink. Should be able to find one at a thrift store or such…

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