Best RV Covers

Buying an RV can be a pricey purchase. It’s important to take the necessary steps to protect that big purchase of yours. Here I will explain how to pick out the best RV covers as well as why it’s good to have one. I will also include the best RV covers to choose from.

why is an rv cover important
UV rays can damage your RV over time if you don’t keep it protected.

Why are RV Covers Important?

There are many reasons why RV covers are a good idea to have. Let’s look into why you might want to consider getting an RV cover:

  • Water Damage Not only can an RV cover help prevent water damage to the exterior of your RV but it can help keep water from getting into the nooks and crannies you may not think about. Thus, preventing potential interior damage to your RV.
  • UV Damage – UV light can cause fading, cracking and oxidation to your RV. The caulking on the roof can also get damaged. An RV cover can help minimize the damage done by UV rays especially if you have a rubber roof.
  • Mold Growth – Like I said about the water damage above, water can make its way through the cracks into your RV causing a more expensive mold problem.
  • Bird Droppings, Tree Sap, Oh My!-Yep, even nature can cause some problems to your RV’s exterior if left uncovered. A cover can also prevent dirt build up, scratches or other harmful pollutants.
  • Less Maintenance – By using an RV cover you won’t have to deal with all the potential damage listed above, hence, less upkeep you have to do for your RV. This also helps you save money on repairs you don’t have to do.
  • Deters Watchful Eyes – Makes your RV have less of a “Look At Me!” appeal.

Of course, if you want even more added protection then check out this best wax for your RV article.

best rv cover
An RV cover can protect your RV from tree sap, bird droppings, and dirt.

Before You Buy Keep These In Mind

There are some aspects of an RV cover you want to look out for. This will help you get the most out of your cover. Some things to consider are:

  • Venting-Just like you don’t want water damage developing mold or mildew, you also want to make sure enough air flow is getting in so your RV can breathe.
  • Roof Protection-Your roof is going to bear the most damage whether that be from water or UV light. So having a triple ply top of great quality is good to keep in mind when looking for your cover.
  • Zippered Panels-You may want to have easy access to your RV, so having zippered panels is a good perk. You don’t want to have to remove the entire cover if you need to get into your RV.
  • Ties/Strapping/Cables-This will help keep your cover from blowing off and into your neighbor’s front yard.
  • Your RV Type And Size-There is no one size fits all cover, so keep in mind your RV type and size when choosing a cover by making measurements. That includes the bike rack and ladder.
  • Material-You have polyester which is good for those pesky UV rays. There’s polyethylene which is more geared towards water and tear resistance. You also have polypropylene which tackles damage caused from water and cracking. Don’t forget about solution-dyed acrylic which has UV-resistant dyes offering sun and waterproof coating.

Of course, nothing is foolproof. By being mindful and caring for your cover you can make that item last a long time. Make sure to check for tears. Keep a patch kit in your go-to toolbox to repair any rips.

Okay now that we got the basics out of the way, let’s get to the RV covers!

Top Choice for Best RV Covers

KING BIRD Upgraded Class C RV Cover

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The KING BIRD Upgraded Class C checks all the boxes when it comes to what you would want out of a cover. It fits Class C’s ranging from 29’-32’. Not to mention, this brand also makes Class A, travel trailer, and 5th wheel covers.

This RV is good for most climates both wet and dry, so no need having to get multiple covers for different weather patterns. It’s heavy duty fabric helps prevent tears which is a common problem among other brands. This feature also comes in handy for heavy wind protection.

The adjustable tension panels feature is also very unique compared to many brands, thus giving your RV that extra snug fit which will be good if you live in high wind areas like the Southeast or Great Plains.

Let’s look at the breakdown of the features, pros and cons:

  • It has a heavy duty 5-ply, 4-ply top panel as well as a 3-ply side panel. This helps protect against rain, dirt, wind, snow or scratches.
  • It’s an anti-UV composite fabric for your sun protection needs in most US States.
  • There’s front and rear tension panels that are adjustable as well as in the central location to help get better protection from heavy wind.
  • Zippered panels side door for easy access to your RV.
  • It’s waterproof yet breathable with 6 air vents on both sides. Highly effective air vent system
  • The corners are elastically hemmed. Plus there’s adjustable windproof straps and buckles, so you are sure to get a nice snug fit.
  • There’s also a 2 year warranty.

Some downsides:

  • Though not the most expensive cover, if you are on a tight budget it may be a little pricey for you.
  • There are no Class B or pop up camper covers for those of you out there going really minimal with space.
  • You may need an extra person to help you put this cover on due to its heavy duty structure. So if you are living in solitude, that may be an issue.

Runner Up

Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro 3 Trailer Cover

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This brand also comes in Class A, B, and C, travel trailers, 5th wheels and pop up campers. It fits travel trailers ranging from 18’-20’. It does check off a good percentage of your RV cover list yet not everything in comparison to the KING BIRD.

Though it doesn’t have the 5-ply top panel, it still has a 3-ply top panel. That would be a minimum anyways for decent UV protection. The non-woven polypropylene fabric is a good feature to make up for that. That feature has a quick drying effect so it’s best designed more for wet weather anyways.

Also since it has an extra year of warranty compared to KING BIRD, you have that much more time to test it out or get a new one if issues such as tears occur. The integrated rope system is also a good feature for those who don’t want to be crawling underneath the RV. That feature the KING BIRD doesn’t have.

So what does this have to offer as well as the pros and cons:

  • This cover features a 3-ply top with single-ply sides. The top is non-woven polypropylene fabric which has a wicking feature while the sides are quick drying.
  • There are front and rear tension panels with elastic hem corners. This helps give your RV the right fitting.
  • Air vents are included to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Extra long zippers for easy access.
  • Protects against snow, rain, some UV rays, dirt and scratches.
  • An integrated rope system to prevent you from crawling underneath the travel trailer.
  • There is a 3 year warranty.

The downsides:

  • It won’t cover the wheels entirely. The height is the maximum from ground to roofline. It is also not meant to cover the trailer hitch.
  • It seems like the main focus is wet weather so if you are going for a cover living in a very sunny area this may not be the right cover for you.

Some Covers Worth Mentioning

Leader Accessories Travel Trailer RV Cover

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This is worth mentioning. This cover fits travel trailers 18’-20’. The brand also has Class A and C, 5th wheel, and pop up camper covers.

The Leader Accessories cover doesn’t have anything unique in comparison to the 1st two RV covers. The biggest plus this brand has compared to the other covers is price. This would be a good option for those of you who want decent quality on a budget.

So let’s look into the features, pros and cons of this RV cover:

  • A thick 3-ply top with single-ply sides. The corners are also hemmed and elastic.
  • Integrated strap attachment system with weighted toss bag so you don’t have to crawl underneath the RV for tension strap installation.
  • Zippers for accessibility to your RV travel trailer.
  • Air vents are included to reduce wind stress and moisture.
  • A cinching system with front and rear tension panels.
  • Double stitched seams for durability against aging and scratches.
  • Protection against rain, bird droppings, snow, dirt and scratches.
  • A 2 year warranty.

Now for the downsides:

  • No guaranteed UV ray protection
  • They don’t have Class B covers.
  • No wheel protection.
  • This RV cover may not be the best for extreme weather conditions in comparison to the KING BIRD RV cover.

Goldline Travel Trailer RV Covers by Eevelle

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Goldline is a reputable brand name but you will pay for it. The price will probably be the biggest turn off for most people. If you live in very wet areas, this cover is worth checking into due to its marine grade waterproof fabric. The micro-porous film also prevents moisture build-up so it’s extra protection for your wetter climates.

This cover may have some tear issues. The brand also makes Class A, B and C, 5 th wheel, and pop up camper covers.

So here are Goldline’s Travel Trailer Cover details:

  • Made from 600 x 300D filament polyester yarns with a 99 thread count. It also has a Durapel UV sun inhibitor for UV protection.
  • Has a micro-porous film for breathability and lessening moisture build-up.
  • Has vertical zippers along the side wall for easy access.
  • Roof straps to support the cover’s weight. There’s also adjuster straps with a double pull buckle at the front of the unit to tighten the cover.
  • Length includes the bumpers, spare tire and mirrors if folded in.
  • Made with marine grade waterproof fabric.
  • A 5 year warranty.

The downsides:

  • The price.
  • May have tearing issues.

There you have it! The KING BIRD Upgraded Class C RV Cover touches on pretty much every feature you would want in an RV cover at a decent price. The other options are good as well and worth checking into when picking out your RV cover. So go get to protecting your RV.