Best RV Wax

Best RV Wax

Question: What brand of wax is best for a fiberglass RV?

Answer: The product we use on our fiberglass motorhome is not actually a wax; it is a U.V. protectant called 303 Aerospace Protectant. We use this U.V. protectant on everything (fiberglass, roof, tires, trim) to protect against the constant exposure to the sun. We don’t bother with wax. We buy 303 by the gallon.

We have been using it since we first got the motorhome and swear by it for the protection and shine. We try to do a 303 treatment at least 2 times a year, after completely washing the RV. We have received compliments on how nice our RV looks, and anyone we’ve met who also uses 303 gives it a big thumbs up.

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May 16, 2012

RV Wax

by: Mark T

I use a marine/RV product called Vertglass. It is a lot of prep work at first to remove old oxidation but the results are amazing. I did my 1995 bounder originally 5 years ago, and have only had to re-coat 2 times since – the last time being last year.

Time for a 35-foot RV is about 45 minutes per coat. The more coats the better the results. I would put on 5 coats minimum. I did 3 the first time and after 2 years I needed another 2 to make it very shiny again. Make sure the motorhome is very clean before applying the Vertglass re-coat.

Use the oxidation remover in the kit and order extra coating, 32 oz. at least. Mask off the rubber window molding so as to avoid black streaks that can be picked up by the applicator.

If you don’t believe how well this works check it out on Google. My ’95 Bounder once again looks brand new thanks to this product. Many people have asked the year of the motorhome, as most fiberglass units look like crap after 6 years, and can’t believe it’s a ’95. The only problem I have had is that the double glazed windows are fogging up I will look for a fix online.

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