Replacing Tub Faucet

Replacing Tub Faucet

by Kat (Lower Lake)

Question: I have a 92 Pace Arrow and need to replace the tub faucet. Where is the access to be able to undo and replace it? Do I need to take the small wall panel next to the sink off to be able to get behind it? It’s a complete tub/shower enclosure so I’m kinda lost.

Answer: We are posting your question in case others have a similar RV and can provide specific input. Since various RV types, models, years and floorplans are configured differently, it is difficult to provide an answer specific to your particular RV.

All we can suggest is to look for an access panel that seems to be near the faucet. It is quite possible that the panel near the sink that you reference might give you access. So it’s probably worth a look. If you have any schematics or an owners manual, see if they provide any help. All the best with your project.

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