Rhino Lining for RV Roof

by Stoney (Auburn, ME)

Question: I need to replace the roof on a 1999 Mountain Aire 38′ class A motorhome. I am looking at a Rhino lining and would like any information available.

Answer: We don;t have any relevant expertise to share on this project, but are posting your question in case others want to chime in.

If you haven’t done so already, we suggest an online search on “rhino lining rv roof”, which returns some related links that might be of help to you.

Comments for Rhino Lining for RV Roof

May 23, 2015 Call progressive epoxy
by: Anonymous

I’m not sure about rhino on roofs, but I would recommend to call Paul at Progressive epoxy products. (603)435 7199. They have (manufacture) all sorts of products. I’ve purchased some epoxy and sealers from him in the past, he will talk to you about what you need and whether he has it or not, but if he doesnt have it he will tell you which product is best. They do a lot of testing. I asked him about roofs a few years ago, but sold the rv and didn’t need to seal the roof.
Ps I do not work for progressive epoxy and am only a customer. I live on the west coast and they shipped to me at a reasonable price from east coast. -Preston Visalia, Ca