RV Furnace problem

RV Furnace problem

by Chris from Salt Lake City

Question: Our 2005 Jayco Jayfeather has an Acorn furnace that is giving us fits. When running off the batteries: (2 deep cycle 6 volt – fully charged and read 13.7 volts).

Gas is on, turn on the thermostat and the blower starts. After about thirty seconds the blower shuts down.

When plugged in: (30 amp service) the furnace works just fine. Any ideas?

Answer: It is difficult to diagnose remotely, and we are not RV technicians. But our first thought is that the batteries might be sulfated and are only holding a surface charge. Another thought is that perhaps there is a loose connection to the batteries – such as a bad ground.

You might you want to take the batteries to a service facility that can do a load test and tell you if the batteries are good. If the batteries are not the problem, then you may want to have someone qualified look at the furnace.

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