Best RV Mat

Question: Any suggestions on a a good RV mat or outdoor RV carpet for our RV?

Answer: Do an internet search for the best RV mat and you will get many results. You will have to decide which of the many brands is good for you.

A couple considerations to think about:

  • You may want a mat that lets the grass breath, so that when you pick the mat up, the grass is still alive for the next camper.
  • If you are camping on a dirt surface, you might want a thicker mat to minimize the imact of rocks or pebbles underfoot.
  • Also think about how it will fit in your storage compartment. Keep the size manageable for easy fold up and storage. If you think there will be times when you want to cover a large area, you might be better off buying two smaller mats that can be used together, or on their own.
  • Also consider if you will be in a single location for a long time and the type of weather you will have while there. In the past, when we were in a location for over 6 months (and part of the time in winter weather), we just bought some basic indoor outdoor carpet and threw it out when we left the campground. AstroTurf is another option.

Other ideas welcome!

Reader 1:

We bought our 8X11 reversable outdoor folding mat from QVC online shopping, for only $36.00.

We had it here in Alaska three days later. We love it. We just rinse it clean with a hose.

We like the size too. We can fit our Camping World picnic table and benches up against one end, and have just enough room for four chairs with small drink tables between pairs. And we can still see and enjoy our portable fire pit – just beyond the mat.

For that kind of price you can afford to really use and abuse it, toss it, and get a new one any time.

Another great idea, if you don’t already know it, is to buy a set of yard “stake style” solar lights, and surround your carpet area with low, defining, mood light. (Get the kind you can turn off to save the energy when you put them away, otherwise you will have to remove a battery each time.)

My husband loves to bake, and TALK, so he usually bakes cookies so the smell will attract new victims in. LOL!