RV Power Bypassing Converter

RV Power Bypassing Converter

by Tony (Qualicum Beach,BC Canada)

Question: I want to run a dehumidifier in the winter. I was told I had to leave the batteries in my trailer because the inverter charger would continue to try to recharge them even if they were not installed and I was plugged in to shore power to power the dehumidifier. Is there anyway to get 110 into the trailer and bypass the inverter/charger other than running an extension cord through a window or something like that?

Answer: Not knowing your specific circumstances, we aren’t clear on whether you want to remove the batteries and/or if you have a limited electrical supply while storing the trailer.

But here are a few of our thoughts:

  • If you do remove the batteries, even though your inverter/charger may be on, it will not be drawing much current since the battery (load) is not connected. In an electrical circuit you must complete the circuit before power is consumed. If the battery is not connected, then the charger will be on and drawing whatever it draws while on standby, but not “trying to charge the battery”.
  • You may have an outlet that does not run off the inverter. On our particular RV we do have one outlet that does not run through our inverter. That particular outlet powers our combo washer/dryer. So if we turn off the inverter/charger, it still works off shore power.
    Perhaps you have a similar situation. or you could just run an external extension cord.
  • You may be able to turn off the inverter/charger if you don’t need it for any reason. We have a circuit breaker that turns off our inverter/charger.
  • If you have a three stage charger, you should be able to leave the batteries installed and charging, since the three-stage charger should guard against overcharging. However, it is recommended that you check lead acid RV Battery water levels and state of charge once a month. Use distilled water.
  • Even if you remove the batteries and store them in a cool place, (but not one subject to freezing), it is advisable that you check the stored batteries periodically for water levels and the state of charge.
  • If your batteries are not being charged while in storage, do not let them freeze. They will never recover to hold a charge again.

We highly recommend you check your own specific owners manual and/or contact the manufacturer for direction on how to maintain and store your batteries and how to best store your trailer.

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