RV Snow Chains

Question: I have a Class C motorhome and I am going from LA to Colorado. Do I need RV snow chains and where can I buy them?

Answer: Local regulations and the weather will determine if you need snow chains. California, Nevada and Colorado require you to carry snow chains on roads where posted. We suggest you plan out your route and then do some research on the weather and the Department of Transportation websites for regulations, current conditions, weather, etc.

Where to Place RV Traction Devices

Traction devices like RV snow chains must be placed on the drive wheels. In addition to placing them on the drive wheels, you can also place them on trailer tires or outermost drive tires of motorhomes and tow vehicles. 

Where to Buy RV Snow Chains

As to where to buy the snow chains, this is a good model we recommend. Huttoly 8 pcs Snow Chains come highly recommended. These are universal chains for RVs with tire width 205 – 265 mm. They are easy to install and do not need the tire to be disassembled to install.

Remember, when using snow chains, drive slow and avoid exceeding 40km/h.