Slow Fuel Fill in RV

by Jim (Tucson, AZ)

Question: It is taking 20 minutes to top off my fuel tank. I can only get a drizzle into the filler in my 2012 Coachmen Concord, E450 chassis. I think there is an obstruction about two feet into the filler pipe. Anybody have a solution?

Answer: We are posting to invite comments from RVers who may have run into a similar problem. Not having encountered this sort of issue ourselves, we can only suggest that you have it looked at soon. If there is an obstruction, it might cause other issues besides a slow fill.

Any help from other RVers appreciated.

Comments for Slow Fuel Fill in RV

Jul 11, 2013 Slow Filling
by: Anonymous

In the 90’s, Ford put an in line solenoid door that triggered shut if the ignition was in the on position…as a safety system to stop from filling the tank if the engine was running. If this happens, check to see if your fill tube has this as it is common that it will fault. To fix it – remove from fill line permanently or replace.

Jul 04, 2012 Slow Fuel Fill
by: George

Years back, my daughter rented a class A coach from a dealer. It took her forever to fill it up. The reason for this (we found out later) was that the coach had to be returned with a full tank of fuel and we looked underneath and found the vent tubing was kinked. The person who rented it before her must have kinked the vent hose so that when the dealer tries to fill it at the pump and it shuts of immediately. Therefore the dealer thinks the tank is full, when in fact it could be almost empty. Pretty tricky people out there!

Jul 04, 2012 My problem too
by: Jim

You’re right–that’s probably my problem too. After inspecting the underside of my rig, it appears the vent tube has been positioned down alongside and at the bottom of the low point of my filler pipe. It was MANUFACTURED that way! It has a bolt that positions it there. I hope to have it repositioned and I’ll try again.

Jul 04, 2012 Gas Filler Problem
by: Manny

Had the same problem. Mentioned it to my mechanic; he looked under the vehicle and re-positioned the filler. The fuel had to go down and then up to get to the tank; the MAN lifted the filler pipe so it was horizontal – no more problem.