RV Vacation? Hartford Connecticut



Our first trip in our Fifth Wheel. After leaving Maine-without bicycles because they became loose and followed us dragging along the highway–they were destroyed (luckily harming no one).

My husband had printed directions to Hartford CT using mapquest. Our destination—Foxwood Resort. Somehow we landed in the middle of an area of Hartford CT where RV’s are not often seen.
It was 5 o’clock in the evening—95 degrees—hot as we traveled down main street. This again was not an area that you would see an RV. We were a spectacle–we were lost.

We pulled into a gas station with difficulty–arguing of course. Husband wearing a silly T Shirt—“Men don’t ask directions—they make their wives do it”
He puts his credit card in the gas pump. Pumps alot of gas. We leave.

We are then followed by a car full of people from the store. Waving us down—we are scared. Turns out that the card did not register–we had not paid. We were escorted back to the store to settle. The people who don’t often see an RV or people as silly as us–escorted us to the interstate.

It was like a Chevy Chase movie!

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Sep 18, 2007 next time stop in Wally World
by: Jill

Enjoyed reading about your memorable stop in Hartford.

If you want to do a sequel, maybe next time you can stop in Wallingford, CT – we’ve heard that it is sometimes jokingly called “Wally World”.

Good to see you’re taking your sense of humor along on the road.

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