RV Striping

by Kaye (Tucson, AZ )

Question: I have a Signature by Thor and need to replace all the decorative strips on the outside. Where can I purchase these?

Answer: We really don’t have any insight into your question. If you do an online search for RV striping, or RV decorative striping, you may come up with some resources, but we can’t personally vouch for any specific company.

You may want to contact Thor to see what or who they recommend. We are also posting your question in case others have suggestions.

Comments for RV Striping

Aug 29, 2012 RV Stripes
by: Anonymous

Ive been looking online for 3 weeks for RV stripes so I can put them on myself. Ive only found 1 company in Arizona and they are very expensive. If anyone knows of any other place I would appreciate it.