Slide Out on Campers

Slide Out on Campers

by Bonnie (Clearwater, FL)

Question: Should you leave your slide out extended if permanently parked? Or should you bring it in each time you leave the campsite?

Answer: You don’t say for how long you are leaving the campsite. And that would make the difference for us personally. If we are parked for a long time in one place and are living in the RV, then naturally we leave the slides out. We might pull them in if there is a forecast for unusually bad weather (high wind, hail, snow, ice). But once that threat is over, they would be back out.

If we are storing the RV and will not be staying in it, we pull the slides in.

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Jul 28, 2015

Sticking Slide out

by: Anonymous

A sticking slide out could be caused by many things. Obstructions, bent or broken parts or alignment problems. In addition if the slide out is hydraulic you could have a pressure imbalance or you could be low on hydraulic fluid. It may be best to take the RV to an RV technician for repairs.

Jul 23, 2015

Sticking Slide Out

by: Anonymous

My slide out has stuck on one side when trying to
close. The left side works but the right side sticks about 6 inches coming in.

Aug 19, 2013

Holiday Rambler Slide

by: RayAnonymous

We have a Holiday Rambler with slide. It will not come in at top and will not go out at top for a good seal. We do not have the jack brace from factory for a stable tight seal. Can we use a turnbuckle with a wood block on each to do this and get a tight seal? Thank you for any help. Ray

Jun 25, 2013

Slide Out

by: Mike Koger

Been camping for many years. It’s ok to leave slideouts out. That’s what there made for, however make sure that all slides are well greased an don’t forget to oil the seals. WD40 works wonders. Happy Camping…

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