Steps Not Working

Steps Not Working

Question: Why will my steps not go up?

Answer: The most obvious source of the problem is that you have inadvertently hit a switch that turns off the automatic steps.

For instance, in our RV there is a toggle switch near the entry door that allows us to turn off the automatic steps. When it is in the OFF position, the steps will not go in or out automatically. So when we are parked in a site for a while, we turn it OFF, so the steps are always extended for us to use everyday.

When we are driving for the day, our RV has a fail-safe system that retracts the steps whenever the ignition is on. In addition, we also turn the step switch to the ON position. This way when we park in a parking lot or some other roadside stop in our travels, the steps only go out when we open the door and then they retract when we close the door. This way we are not causing a hazard for the steps (i.e., hitting a curb), or for anyone driving or passing close by the RV.

If the solution is not simply a matter of hitting a switch, then here are some some ideas for troubleshooting the problem. We don’t know if your steps are on a manual system or an automatic electrical system, so here are some suggestions for each:

Manual Steps:

If you have a manual step system then the repair might be simple. Start by lubricating all the moving parts, and visually inspect all the parts. Look for obstructions and bent or broken parts. If there is an obstruction then remove it. If there is a bent part, straighten it or replace it. A broken part may be difficult to replace. If you cannot fix the bent or broken part then you may have to replace the entire step.

Automatic/Electric Steps:

The problem could be either electrical or mechanical. It really does not matter which possible cause you start with – just make sure you do a thorough inspection. If you start with the mechanical aspect of the system, do as suggested above. Lubricate all the moving parts. As you lubricate, check for obstructions, loose parts (including wires) or bent or broken parts. If you find something, then try to fix it by removing the obstruction or straightening or replacing the part.

Once, the mechanical side has been inspected and lubricated, move on to the electrical system. Start by making sure you have power to the step motor. Then trace the wiring all the way to the battery. You are looking for loose or broken wires, poor continuity, bad grounds, or blown fuses. Do not forget to check for faulty parts or bad connections to the door switch sensor and the on/off switch to the steps.

If you still cannot determine what the problem is then contact the step manufacturer and/or Jayco for help. If that fails to bring results, then you will have to take the RV to a competent RV repair facility.

Hope that helps.

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Jul 03, 2015

electric steps


Having same problem. Changed wall switch, added extra grounds. Sometime they work – sometimes not. Pulled pin and tied up, & bought a stepstool untll I can figure it out. Read tips, going to check on the info I read & see what I come up with. Will let you know what I find.

Jun 29, 2015


by: Anonymous

The steps on my 2011 Coachman motorhome work intermittently. Sometimes after a 30 second wait; other times no problem. I cleaned the door contact – no difference. I would appreciate any suggestions/comments.

Apr 05, 2014

Step retraction problem

by: Gene eades

Just bought 1995 35ft Ford Bounder and while using we left steps extended out. Now there is a problem retracting them – seems steps are stuck in out position. Help sugestions welcomed!

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