Is it Possible to Replace the Toilet in the RV with a Household Toilet?

Question: I would like to take out the RV toilet of our RV and put a regular household toilet in its place. Is this possible?

Answer: Not knowing why you want to replace an RV/Marine toilet with a regular household commode, we will offer a few reasons why RV toilets are specialized:

  • They use very little water as compared to a household commode, a good thing because RV’s have limited black tank capacity.
  • They do not have a flush tank that can cause water spills as the RV jigs, jags and bumps up and down the road.
  • They do not have a big heavy flush tank that sits on top of a vulnerable porcelain bowl which is only isolated by a rubber gasket from that heavy tank and which is likely to break.
  • They do not have big heavy flush tank lids that are likely to break when you repeatedly hit rough spots in your travels.
  • They only weigh a fraction of what a household commode weighs.
  • They have flush/flap valves which are not dependant on keeping water in a p-trap to prevent odors from entering the RV. Remember that an RV moves all over the road and will likely empty a p-trap after a few twists, turns and bumps.

This is all academic if your intent is to replace the RV toilet in a permanent stationary RV, in which case you would just plumb the household commode directly to a sewer.

If you have the type of RV toilet that flushes via a foot pedal (like typical marine-type toilet), you may want to shop around for other models that are more similar to household toilets.