Washer Dryer combos vented

by Kim


Question: Have you any recommendations for vented washer/dryer combos? Are any considered better than others etc? I need to get something soon but would appreciate some input.

Answer: We can only speak from our own experience. We have used a Splendide 2000 washer/dryer combo for 9 years and it has been very reliable. We have only had 1 major problem with it – about four months ago. With help from customer service, we were able to replace the faulty part.

Their technical support both on the phone and through emails was quick and effective allowing me to diagnose and replace the faulty part.

By the way, we have no affiliation with Splendide, these are just our personal observations from using their product.

Here are some tips based on our experience:

  • Do not overload the washer/dryer as it is a smaller machine and is not as effective when it is overloaded.
  • Do not use too much washing detergent, bleach or softener – follow the manufacturer recommendations.
  • Our washer has a small drawer that is used to add detergent, bleach and softener. The softener compartment is way in the back and you need a bottle with a slender pouring spot to be able to add softener without spilling. We use a plastic mustard/ketchup squeeze bottle to add softener.
  • We check and clean the dryer filter after every use and the washer filter every several washes. The newer washer/dryers may not have all the filters I mentioned. Ours has two filters that need cleaning regularly. One is a lint filter for the dryer part and is located between the dryer vent and the 3’ dryer vent exhaust hose at the top of the machine. The other is the washer filter, located behind an access panel on the front of the washer at the lower right hand corner of the washer.
  • Since the washer/dryer uses less water than conventional machines, it is ideal for our RV and it’s holding tanks.
  • We sometimes have to shake out the clothes after they have been spun and before the drying cycle. The machine spins at a very high rate and sometimes the clothes stick to the drum.

We believe that there are other combos out there that might be just as good but we do not have first hand or anecdotal experience with them. Other input welcome.