Battery charging

Battery charging

by John

Question: I have a truck camper with two 12-volt 95 amp hour batteries. I would like to improve my battery charging. Mainly make it faster.
What I currently have are a 95 watt Go Power solar panel with a 25 amp regulator. Also there is the 45 amp converter. Neither of these really meet my dry camping needs. I also have a built in Onan 2500 watt generator.

What I am thinking about doing is adding something like a Samlex 12 volt 60 amp 2 bank automatic smart charger directly to the batteries. What I am not sure about is how this will effect the already existing 45 amp converter – which I still need since that has all the circuits. How do I disconnect the converter’s battery charging side and still be able to utilize the shore power converter side for all my circuits?

Thank you for your consideration of my question.

Answer: You should probably contact the manufacturer of the converter to see if they can offer you any suggestions. We really can’t speculate ourselves. We are also posting your question so that others may provide you with input.

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