Charge Batteries over the Winter

Charge Batteries over the Winter

by Greg (Mechanicsburg, PA)

Question: I have a Freedom 458 series COMBI inverter/charger Model 15D, with 4 marine type batteries wired in series. I would like to keep the batteries in the RV and simply keep them charged via 120AC but my used RV dealer says I should either take them out or start the generator and engine once a month to keep them charged.

Is it possible to keep it plugged into AC with this type of charger/inverter? I’m wondering if this unit will automatically stop charging when the batteries are fully charged and then start up again when they run down?

Answer: The best information I can give you is a link to the owners manual for the Freedom 458 series combo inverter/charger Model 15D. I read the manual and the good news is that if your inverter/charger is correctly programmed and working properly, it will keep your batteries properly charged while plugged into 120 Volt AC.

I don’t know why the dealer said to take the batteries out or run the generator or engine to charger them. Unless he knows that your particular RV’s inverter/charger is not working properly.

To learn everything you need too know about your inverter/charger please go to this link:

Keep in mind is that unless you have AGM batteries you will have to check the water in the batteries once a month to make sure that they do not run out of water. Please remember that if you need to add water, it must be distilled water. Tap water will destroy batteries over time.

While you check water levels also inspect the battery terminals for corrosion and tightness. If you see corrosion you will need to remove it using a commercial product for that purpose or use a baking soda and water solution with a soft non-metallic bristled brush to remove the corrosion.

Hope this helps.

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Nov 20, 2012

Thanks much

by: Greg

Thanks for the info. I kind of thought that was the case but the documentation was not clear to me (a novice). I really appreciate your response.

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