Fresh water hookup

Question: I am brand new to RVing. Is there any thing else you must do when hooking up to fresh water? I hooked up my water hose and it is still drawing off my holding tank. Did I miss something?

Answer: Our motorhome does not require any other action, but every RV is a little different, so you should check the manual for your RV. If there is no manual, then contact the manufacturer or whoever you bought the unit from.

Comments for Fresh water hookup

Jun 15, 2012 Water Regulator
by: Scott

I was told 45psi type regulator for water.

Jul 22, 2011 Water Pump On?
by: John Mastin

Typically, the only way water can be coming from the tank is if the water pump is turned on, so you need to make sure it is turned off when connected to city water.

Jul 20, 2011 Another thing about water hook-up…
by: Red Wolf

One thing to remember is to use a pressure reducer at the tap when you hook-up. This will protect both your rig and the hose.