RV Furnace – Roof Air Conditioner Blower Fans Come On When Place Thermo to Heat

Question: I have 2012 Georgetown RV. When I place the thermostat to heat, the roof air conditioner blower fans come on. Is this normal?

Answer: Without knowing the specific type of heat you have in your rig, we can only speculate that you are referring to your roof top heat pump. If so, and if it works like ours does, then the AC and heat pump work from the same roof top unit(s).

When you set the thermostat to Cool, it provides air conditioning and when you set it to Heat, it produces heat. In both cases, it starts out by blowing air via the fan. The air then becomes either cold or hot, depending on how you have set the thermostat (if cool, then the condensor cools the air; if heat, then the heating element heats the air).

You may also have a gas powered furnace. In our RV, our furnace is separate and distinct from the roof top heat pump.

We suggest you check your owners manuals for the RV, the thermostat and the heating/cooling units to understand how each is supposed to work in your specific RV. If you have questions, call the manufacturer of the RV and/or the appliances to get further clarification. Anytime we have called the manufacturers for our RV or its components, we have found their customer service to be quite helpful.

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Aug 15, 2015 furnace.
by: going crazy
Question: I bought a 2005 Monarck Lakota fifth wheel. I can’t figure my furnace out. The AC works great. But when I put it on furnace – it runs for 5 min, then shuts off. The gentleman I bought it from left no manual and doesn’t respond to my questions. Am I doing something wrong or maybe it is just broken??

Comment: We suggest you contact the manufacturer of the RV or furnace to see if they can help. In the meantime we are posting your question in case others have any suggestions.

Feb 26, 2013 re furnace
by: brian connors
Thanks Ron. You’re the second person to advise me of what to do. I do appreciate the info.

Feb 24, 2013 Georgetown Thermostat
by: Ron Johnson
On my 2011 Georgetown, the thermostat has function selections for Fan, Heat Strip, Cool, and Furnace. For the fan to operate normally, select the Fan function and press the plus or minus button to set the fan to automatic (“Au”). Any other setting causes the AC fan to run continuously when any of the other functions are active. I hope this helps.