Can You Put Home Furniture in RV?

by Barbara

(Henderson, Ky. USA)

Question: Can I put my home furniture in my 5th wheel camper that has slides?

Answer: We think that it depends on several factors. The most obvious is if it will fit. Other more important factors are the impact to your fifth wheel’s weight (overall weight, weight distribution, weight in the slides), carrying capacities, towing and warranties. Be concerned especially about any impact on weight in the slides and whether the slide mechanism can handle any extra load. You would also want to be able to secure furniture as well as was done for the original furnishings provided in the fifth wheel.

It really depends on how much of a change you would be making. You may want to assess these considerations and perhaps talk to the manufacturer about your proposed changes and impact to your warranties, if any. We have never considered adding to or substituting original furniture in our motorhome.

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Aug 07, 2013 Addendum re DOT
by: Anonymous

To: bsmi021b

Where did you find the DOT information please? I would like to read up on that.

(There are apparently many others who have removed/replaced the original furniture and put in lazyboy and other furniture in its place. No one mentioned anything about their warranties not being okay with the changes.)

So I am asking where the DOT information came from so we all can “follow the rules” and ensure everyone’s safety, including our own. Thanks!

Aug 06, 2013 Furniture DOT rules
by: Anonymous

Thank you for bringing that to our attention – we also were not aware this was a factor. However, we still plan to keep our lazy boy and glider chairs – the comfort they provide is worth the risk. We are in Canada and this was never a factor that was mentioned when we insured our RV for full time living.

Aug 06, 2013 Thanks
by: Barbara

Thanks to all of you who answered me. You have been a big help. I didn’t know about the DOT rules, so glad it was brought to my attention.

Aug 05, 2013 Home Furniture
by: bsmi021b

Not only do you need to think about all the things listed in the response before (weight, size, etc.). But I did not see anyone state the issue of FIRE! If your 5th wheel is under warranty or if it is in a seasonal site you might have an issue with furniture not made for RV’s. All furniture made for RV’s is made to DOT rules for fire which are much higher than residential (home) furniture. The reason for this is you are in a much smaller area with less access to escape so it must burn slower and give off less toxic fumes when on fire, so there is a difference besides look and feel. So check with your manufacture or your RV insurance company to know if you are covered.

Aug 03, 2013 Home Furniture in RV
by: Anonymous

We moved the table and four chairs from the slide out to the rear of the RV so we had a view all round when we are eating. The laptops are also on this table.

Then we added a glider chair, with stool, near the rear slide out window, and a lazyboy recliner just resting on the carpet/wooden flooring next to the recliner – we can now watch the TV which is near the entrance to the fifth wheel bedroom area, and when we wish, we can turn the recliner around to view the neighborhood out the rear windows.

Works for us, but we do not move around. This is our permanent home. Hope this helps.