How to Operate TV

Question: How can i operate the TV in a Pace Arrow 31 1999 without running the generator? Using only battery power?

Answer: We assume you are not hooked up to shore power. We also assume that have a regular 110 volt AC TV, not a 12-volt TV.

So, if you want to use 12-volt battery power for your electric outlets (to power the appliances plugged into those outlets), you need to have an inverter. The inverter takes the 12-volt power and converts it to 110 volt alternating current.

Bear in mind that even with an inverter, you can’t run a lot of things off the battery or you will run them down in no time. For instance, for the most part when we are running on battery power, we only use our 12-volt lights, the 110 TV, the 110 outlets for our laptops and a couple vent fans.

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