RV Internet Connection

by Mike (Valley Center , CA)

Question: We will be traveling soon for about a year. We would like to have internet for our computer – is there a supplier that would fix us up with a service that will work while traveling or parked at a campground in any state?

Answer: Please see our page on this topic: http://www.your-rv-lifestyle.com/RV-internet-access/.
It describes different options for staying connected.

In the past we used a Verizon data plan with their Jetpack mobile hotspot device. Now we just use the mobile hotspot on our smart phones to connect our laptops – still with Verizon. The major wireless companies all offer comparable devices and plans. We suggest that you check the coverage maps and plan options for the wireless carriers to determine which will work best for the main locations where you plan to travel. Just keep tabs on how much data you are using – the plan usage limits are sufficient for most people.

We have had great success with Verizon’s coverage in many locations across the country. Hope that helps. Other comments welcome.

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Jun 14, 2013 Computer Connection
by: Mike Koger

I have been traveling now for a year. I asked this question before I left. I took John’s answer & hooked up with Verizon.

The best way to go period. I have never not been able to hook up. Do your self a favor hook with
Verizon. Good Luck. MK

Dec 06, 2012 Verizon
by: John Mastin

We have been using a Verizon data plan for the last two years traveling coast to coast. No issues with reception. There are some remote areas (Yellowstone Park and Glacier Park come to mind) where service spotty, but only in the parks themselves. Gardiner (in the case of Yellowstone) and West Glacier both had excellent coverage.