RV Inverter-Charger

by John G. (Mississippi)

Question: My Xantrex Freedom 458 modified sine wave inverter/charger has bit the dust. Should I replace it with a pure sine wave model? My wife is concerned about new LCD televisions.

Answer: If I were to replace my inverter I would do so with a pure sine wave inverter. I am sure that it would not hurt anything except maybe your wallet, since pure sine wave inverters typically cost more than a modified sine wave inverter.

Modified sine wave inverters are more efficient when running small loads while pure sine wave inverters are better with AC (alternating current) motors and pumps. Modified sine wave inverters can also cause noise (humming) in audio systems. Some electric motors and transformers can also run hotter with a modified sine wave inverter.

There is some information on the Xantrex website. One interesting article is at http://www.xantrex.com/documents/Tech-Doctor/Universal/Tech1-Universal.pdf

Why not call call or write to Xantrex to get a definitive and well qualified answer based on your circumstances?

If you do contact Xantrex, please comment back here and let us know what they say. We’re sure there are other interested RVers. We also welcome readers to share their own input and experiences on this subject.