RV Inverter Questions

by Tom C.

(Long Island NY)

Question: I have a 24-foot BT cruiser. Currently I want to use the TV and DVD player while I am driving. However the TV and DVD player only work when the generator is running or I am plugged into house power. Can I just hook up a power inverter to the house battery to run the TV and DVD player?

Answer: This may be trickier then it seems. Most modern RV’s/ Motorhomes have a safety device that cuts the power to the TV/DVD player while the vehicle is in motion. However, if you want to be able to use the TV and DVD player while in motion, then as you mentioned, you will have to buy an inverter.

The inverter that you get will have to provide enough power to service the TV and DVD player. You will have to plug the TV/DVD player directly into the new inverter or run a new power circuit off the inverter to serve both the TV and DVD player.

Inverter to run Medical Device

by Cal

(Athabasca Alberta Canada)

Question: I need to install a 12-volt inverter to run a 120 volt medical device when no 120 volt power is available. Will this inverter deliver 120 volt power to all existing 120 volt plug-ins in the coach? I realize I have to size the inverter to match the draw of the medical device but was hoping I would not have to run a lot of new electrical wiring to make it work.

Answer: It really is up to you how you set this up. If you are only concerned with powering the medical equipment, then just run one circuit off the inverter to where you need the power.

Just be careful of how much power it draws from your batteries. You do not want to ruin your batteries by fully discharging them. So in addition to properly sizing the inverter, you should also take into consideration how much battery power you will require.

One other thought is that you might be able to use a portable inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter – if the cigarette lighter is always on. The inverter would have to be powerful enough for the medical device, so this may or may not be a practical solution.

Hope you come up with a workable arrangement.