Leak in Front Panel Citation Camper

Leak in Front Panel Citation Camper

((Kelowna, B.C. Canada))

Question: While readying my camper for our first weekend trip, I found a damp mattress, etc. I believe that I have traced the problem to an improperly sealed front clearance light. There is definitely water behind the skin, and a “tap test” indicates rot in an area about a foot wide from the light on down.

Is it practical to remove and replace the front panel? There appears to be the exterior aluminum skin, a thin layer of ply?, styrofoam insulation, another layer of thin ply?, and then the interior vinyl finish. I’m hoping that only the exterior is rotten and needs replacing. I have a full tool chest, and am very handy.

Answer: We have fixed an interior panel in our slide-out due to water intrusion. However the external fiberglass and external luan plywood layer was not damaged. So we do not have experience in replacing any exterior walls, nor did not have to be concerned with the structural integrity of our motorhome. In the past we have left fiberglass work to the experts.

However, if you feel comfortable giving it a shot, then it really boils down to a judgement call on whether you can do the repair effectively.

Perhaps others have experience in the type of repair you describe – comments are welcome.

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