Is it OK to drive an RV with an AC cover in place?

Question: Is it OK to drive an RV with an AC cover in place?

Answer: We wouldn’t do so ourselves. We think it could be unsafe if the cover should become loose. There is also the possibility of wind damage to the cover itself.

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Dec 01, 2012 Follow manufacturer’s instruction
by: Jill and Jose

We suggest you follow the manufacturer’s instructions – they are stated for a reason. Snug or not, the cover could fill with air and do damage, or could fly off and cause an accident. It is amazing what wind can do…many an RVer can attest to having a perfectly snug awning becoming unfurled or ripped off – all due to wind while going down the road. (And these awnings are designed to be in place while driving.) So precaution is advised with your AC cover.

Since we live in our motorhome and frequently use the AC or heat pump, we don’t bother with a cover. We had covers at one time and found limited opportunity to use them.

If your RV is often not in use, then the cover serves to provide protection from the elements. But take the time to remove it before driving or running the AC.

Nov 30, 2012 Still wondering
by: Harborder

I asked because the information that came with it when I purchased the cover included advice to not “travel” with it in place.

Not sure if that is advised as a precaution against possibly turning on the ac with the cover on, which I imagine would not be a good thing, or whether there are other reasons. The cover is a good snug fit with a drawstring, so I doubt that it would come off, but was wondering if it could possibly fill with air and actually pull the cowling right off.

Right after I put it on, I did promptly forget it was there and drive the RV (a Rialta, not a full-size monolith) into a neighbouring town at 50 mph (as opposed to highway speeds) with no apparent ill-effect, so am still not sure what the “best practice” might be! (Thing is, it would be a pain to put on and take off all the time)