No Water in Trailer

by Ericka (GA)

Question: What does it mean when there’s no water running any more from the trailer? Does that mean I need a water tank? And are they easy to install? It started coming out real slow and now there’s no water running at all. Can someone please help solve this problem?

Answer: Without knowing your specific situation, here are some comments.

  • If you are in a permanent trailer without a fresh water tank, then we assume you are connected to a campground/city water system, It is possible that the water has been turned off for some reason in the campground where you are parked. They may have a temporary problem, so check that out.
  • If you are connected to the park/city water system and there is no problem on their end, then perhaps you have a blocked water filter or a leak somewhere.
  • If you have an RV/trailer with a fresh water tank, you may have it set to draw water from your water tank versus the park/city water system. If so, your fresh water tank may simply be out of water. In this case, fill it up and/or change the setting to draw water from the park/city water supply.
  • If you are drawing water from you fresh water tank and it just stopped, it could be a problem with your water pump or your water filter might be clogged.

Hope that helps. Other suggestions welcome.

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