Raising Beds in Toy Hauler

by Julia (Henderson, NV)

Question: How do I raise my garage beds to get enough clearance to haul a Rzr 4? They are on an electric chain rail system to go up and down. I need about 3-4 more inches of clearance in the raised position.

Answer: It may depend on the type of Toy Hauler you have. You may not be able to raise the beds any higher than they currently are without some major modifications. We suggest you contact the manufacturer of the Toy Hauler to see if they know of some modification that can be made.

You can also do an online search for “Rzr4 in toy hauler”. Look for a Rzr4 forum and ask for suggestions. We are also posting this question here, in case others have input.

If you do not get an answer from the forums or the manufacturer, another option (although cumbersome) would be to remove the bed/beds until you have enough clearance. Then reattach the beds when you want to use them. Of course, you will have to move the Rzr4 out of the garage when using the bed(s).

Another option might be to let out enough air from the tires to slip the Rzr4 under the bed. However, first measure the height of the Rzr4 then let out enough air to lower the height the 3-4 inches you need. If you can still safely drive the Rzr4 with the tires somewhat deflated you should be able to drive it up the ramp and park it under the beds.

Perhaps others will have ideas.

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Mar 06, 2016 Raise toy hauler beds for UTV clearance
by: Sniperstuff

I have a 2014 Keystone 301. Need about 4 more inches of height in the garage area to fit me 2016 Honda 1000-5. I am looking to modify the bed carriage brackets. Anyone else have this problem. Ideas??