Replace Dump Valves

Replace Dump Valves

by Rudy M. (Glenolden, PA)

Question: I have a Lakota 5th wheel SKT34 2001. The dump valves pull straight down. They are hard to reach and I cannot get enough pull on them to pull steady so they do not snap open. There is no way to get a little leverage so as to not pull the handles off the rod. I have had to replace them 2 times.

Is there a way to replace the black water and the galley tank valve so I can pull them horizontally? The shower tank valve pull is through the frame and pulls horizontally.

Answer: Without being there to look at the situation we can only suggest that if you can add an elbow with a new valve at its end you might be able to position the new valve to pull horizontally. You would just leave the existing valve open and only use the new valves at the end of the new elbow. You might also attempt to cut away the existing valves and extend the piping so that new valves can be added in whatever orientation you want.

Sounds like a nice do-it-yourself project. Just make sure that you get all the parts and pieces ahead of time before you do any cuts or modifications to the existing arrangements.

Another thought: If you haven’t already contacted the manufacturer of your RV, you might want to give that a shot. They may have heard from other RVers with similar concerns and may have a solution.

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Aug 05, 2013

Dump Valves

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comment. If I turned the valves 90 degrees, the pull handle would be up in the belly pan.

Aug 05, 2013

Move the Dump Valve

by: bsmi021b

Last I knew the dump valves had 4 bolts to put the valve together and if that is the case you should be able to take the bolts apart and swing the valve in any direction you want, then reassemble the valve. (Please make sure you have dumped all your tanks prior to doing any work like this).

And I would also look at why the manufacture put the valve on the bottom (agree this is a bad location) but there may be something in the way of having it open 90 degrees from where it is. And then as a last resort you do as stated before; any of these ways should work for you.

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