RV Electric Jack Not Working



Question: What would cause our electric jack to quit working? We have it plugged in, but it will not go up or down – any ideas?

Answer: Many things can cause your electric jack to malfunction. There are electrical and mechanical failures. Not knowing how your jack is failing, we can suggest some things for you to check:

You will have to identify the wiring and power source for the jack. Once you have established that the power is available at the source you will have to trace the wiring all the way to the jack. Look for a blown fuse somewhere in the circuit or a faulty switch. Hopefully it is just a blown fuse.

If the fuse and wiring are good, check the switch that extends and retracts the jack. If the switch is good then it is time to move on to the motor. Is the motor working and can you hear it? After you have eliminated the power source, the wiring, the switch, the fuses, and the motor, you will have to start to look for a mechanical failure at the jack itself.


If there are safety pins, have they been removed prior to attempting to operate the jack?
Look for bends or obstructions in the jack that might cause it to bind
Inspect all the gears to make sure they are fully engaged

Hope this helps. Let us know the outcome.


Apr 05, 2015 Jack not making noise in rear
by: Bryan

Bought 2012 North Country by Heartland 29 ft. l/o in 6/2013 . Used 3 times that yr. Sat 5 months. Got 1 yr warranty. Took it in to place our complaints before warranty expired in 6/2014. They had it 2 months. The 1st time we took it out was 5/2014 Memorial Day.. Front jacks go down with no problem, but the rear doesn’t do anything. Nothing in our paperwork gives us info on this. We called the place we bought it from n they said basically not their problem. There isn’t even a tool to do it manually. Checked fuses/ electrical box, etc… What is the problem? Can anyone help us?

Aug 21, 2014 re Electric Jack comment
by: Jill and Jose


We can only surmise that what caused your problem was a bad electrical connection or that your efforts to raise the jack manually dislodged whatever was causing the jack’s piston to bind and allowed the mechanism to function normally when you got home.

Aug 19, 2014 Electric Jack
by: Jerry

I had my camper at a site for a month and when we were leaving my electric jack would not work and this is a new camper,Jayco. It has two fuses mounted in the battery case and they were good. I had to hand crank. When we got home 350 miles later the jack worked. Does anyone know what could have happened.