Solar Charger

Solar Charger

by Robert (Wheatland, CA)

Question: I have a 2010 Timber Ridge 260RLS travel trailer. It came with a battery solar charger mounted on the roof. My question is if I turn on the solar charger with the battery disconnect switch off, will the solar charger still charge my batteries?

Answer: It depends on how the solar charger system was wired. If it was wired to bypass the battery disconnect switch, then the batteries should charge.

If you want to test it, turn the battery disconnect switch to the disconnected position. Shut off all external power to the trailer, then take a reading with your voltmeter across the battery. It should read at least 13.2 volts. If it does, then the batteries are being charged.

If you want to test the state of the batteries in general, turn off all external power and also the solar charger. Wait a few minutes for the batteries to stabilize. With no draw on the batteries, the voltmeter reading should be between 12.7 and 12.9 volts to indicate a fully charged battery.

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