Unique US Map for your RV?

by David

OK, this might be hard to explain, but here goes…Many years ago I saw a small brass (?) “plaque” of the United States that you could attach somewhere on your RV. It had a “hole” in each state where you could put a “jewel” in to show that you had driven through that state.

I know that’s not a real adequate explanation of what I’m looking for. But does anyone know what I’m talking about and if so, where I could find it online? Appreciate any thoughts!

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Feb 09, 2013 Metal state map.
by: Anonymous

I have one. Bought at a rally. Looking for another one. Wish I knew where to order.

Jan 16, 2013 RV map
by: Alice

I sell a 12X13 metal map, as well as smaller ones, that you can set in your RV window to attach to your RV door. It comes with pre-cut decals for each state as well as Canada.

Also have map patches that you can color in the areas you have traveled.
You can go to: this harpermoto.com page OR call 800 752 9735 and ask for Alice.

Jun 04, 2012 Visited States Map
by: Jill and Jose

We have not yet heard of any place to get this unique visited states map. We hope your comment will catch someone’s attention who might be familiar with the map and where to get it.

Jun 04, 2012 USA plaque
by: Lisa

Did you ever get an answer on this question? I too am looking for this same plaque.
lrdp123 at hotmail.com