New or Used RV: Which to Buy?

Whether to buy a new or used RV is a common question, and it's a big decision. Ultimately it is a matter of individual choice and trade-offs, but this is an area where being informed is especially important.

Know what to look for in the RV. And also take the time to think about your own priorities and lifestyle preferences.

In a nutshell, the biggest advantage to buying a pre-owned RV is price. You may be able to get more for your money. New RVs start depreciating once they leave the lot.

Shop wisely and patiently and you may find a good price on a well-equipped late model RV. There are a growing number of RVers who trade in their new rigs every few years - including top of the line used motor coaches.

Consider how you will use your RV. If your plans are for occasional trips or vacations, maybe you don't need to spend a lot of money.

Or perhaps you are just starting out, or still not completely sure what type of RV will suit you best. Buying pre-owned might be the way to go.

One of the potential pitfalls of buying used is that you might get stuck with someone else's problems.   On the other hand, you may benefit from someone else "breaking in" the RV and working out any bugs.   Know what to look for and who you are buying from.   Make sure you have any pre-owned RV inspected.   Here are a few books on the subject of how to buy and how to deal.    This is a big investment - whether you buy used or new. It's worthwhile to be informed.

Guide to Buying a Used RV:    The guide about buying a pre-loved RV was written by Les Doll, a Certified RV technician, with years of RV construction and maintenance experience.

In this guide you will find many little-known secrets and methods used by professional buyers to evaluate a prospective RV. Download this helpful guide right now!

You can also use the NADA Guides to determine what a used RV is worth. You can check out values for specific RV models online, or buy a NADA Guide subscription. This is also a good tool if you are buying new - it gives you some idea of how well a particular brand holds value.

Advantages of buying new?
You get the latest thing in new designs (at least for the moment).
No one else has been living in a new RV.
It won't have a lot of mileage racked up.

You might think there would be less chance of something breaking or malfunctioning, since it's new ...but not necessarily. New RVs can have problems too.

Insider's Guide to Buying an RV:  Get this e-book for quality help in buying an RV. Written by an expert in RV repair and maintenance, experienced as a Sales Manager & Finance & Insurance Manager for an RV Dealership. 

Owning an RV is meant to be fun. Making the wrong buying decisions is to be avoided.  So get started on the way to an enjoyable RV ownership experience for years to come.   Great insider insight from someone in the know!   Make your RV buying process easier and know what to look for. 

If you decide to buy new, really think about why you are buying new vs. used. It may just be the simple fact that you want the brand new condition and features, regardless of depreciation. Or you just want to stick to geographically convenient dealers, who don't carry much in the way of used RVs.

Be sure to give some thought to why you are buying new, to guard against getting "Wow!'d" and then making decisions for the wrong reasons.

More Tips for Buying an RV.

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