Finding Water when Dry Camping

by R. Bucsko (Washington)

Question: When traveling from one spot to another and dry camping, where can I get water for my fresh water holding tank?

Answer: Your best bets are campgrounds (for a fee), city/county or state parks (some for a fee), storage facilities (for a fee), BLM lands that have dump and fresh water available (some for a fee or free), RV dealers (some for a fee), friendly home owner or farmer (make sure you specify potable water then offer to pay), Elks/Moose/VFW/ etc. (offer to pay), churches (offer a donation).

Some large truck stops may have fresh water available (for a fee). You can try anywhere where they might have an outside potable water supply. Or you could buy water by the gallon at a water kiosk (pay about 25 to 30 cents a gallon).

You could consider getting a large separate tank if you If you have a way to carry it and pump water from it and if you plan to stay in a boondocking spot for a long time.

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Feb 26, 2013 Interstates
by: RV Vagabond

You may also want to check at rest stops on interstate highways. Some of them provide dumping and water services to the truckers. I was able to dump and fill on I70 in Missouri and I’ve heard of this on I40 in Oklahoma from another full-timer.

The map I was using indicated a visitors center and there I was able to ask if there was a place to get water. Sure enough, they said yes. It was right at the end of the truckers parking area before getting on the ramp to get back onto the highway.

There is a great website called that could lead you to water too. Often where there is one there is the other. Make sure it’s potable. There are usually signs indicating whether it is or not. Good luck!