Fulltime RV Types

by Terrie (Ames, IA)

Question: We have been looking at RV’s for about a year. We are planning to fulltime RV beginning in the summer of 2013. We have decided to purchase a used gas motorhome anywhere between 36′ to 38′. We would like to have some opinions on gas motorhomes and preferences on size and # of slides. We have looked at two slides but wondering if 3 slides would be a better choice. Any other tips or items we should consider?

Answer: We welcome comments from any and all on this one. Our take is that it is all a matter of personal preference. Evaluate the tradeoffs involved when comparing one RV to another, in the context of what matters most to you.

Longer RVs give you some extra space. If you go beyond 40 feet, you might run into some RV parks that can’t accommodate the extra length, but it really will depend on where you stay. Lots of parks handle larger rigs.

In looking at the number of slides, look at what you are getting with the extra slide. More room to move around? More or less storage space/cabinets? Can you still maneuver when the slides are all in. And so on. Then figure out if the puts and takes are important to you.

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