“Our Dream Vacation Turned Into A Nightmare”

by Shirley Mendonca

(Modesto, Ca.)

Pismo Beach Resort

Pismo Beach Resort

Pismo Beach Resort

Our very friendly visitors

Our visit to the beach

Our wonderful Tech who saved the day

If any of you have visited Pismo Beach, California you know what I mean when I say it’s a place where you can just forget about your troubles and enjoy the beautiful ocean breeze, the wonderful sunsets, and the waves beating against the shoreline.

That is if you don’t have happen to you the things that we experienced.

As we arrived, the weather was in the low 70’s, beautiful because we just came from *104 weather.

As we were being shown our site, my husband went to start the RV-nothing. Try again-nothing. We were parked in the middle of the road and no way to move. After many phone calls, we were able to have a very experienced and kind tech come out to tell us that the starter in the RV had gotten out. He made it possible for us to back into our site and set up. We were then informed that it would be two or three days before the part would be available.

Ok. We could live with that since we had towed the car. The next morning as we sat outside enjoying the weather and I was feeding the beautiful ducks that came to pay a visit, we received a phone call telling us that our renter’s AC had gone out with *105 degree outside. GREAT!1 Add it to the list.

We were able to visit the beach and do some sight seeing while waiting for the new starter to arrive. But the stress was still there.

Once the tech came with the new starter, we were informed that the frig need some work done also. It was not holding the correct temperature. Oh goody, another thing on the list.

After the new started was in place, the frig fixed somewhat, and the renter’s AC taken care of, we decided it was time to call it a day and return home early and get out of this nightmare.

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