Permanent RV Living

by Munoz

Question: We are looking for a fifth wheel to live in. We have heard, though, that some are made for permanent living, and some are not. Before we purchase, we want to know how we can tell. I am having no luck so far researching this online. help?

Answer It really depends on what you mean by permanent. If you are looking for a vehicle for fulltime living and plan to travel and live in it for a long time, then quality counts.

For fulltime living, things to consider are your travel plans, climates where you plan to be, the type of tow vehicle you will want to use, budget, and personal preferences relating to interior and exterior features and components. We suggest you take a look at some of our pages that deal with these topics:

If you are talking about putting a fifth wheel in a single stationary location and not traveling, that is a different situation. If that is your plan, you may find the following page helpful: It also has some links dealing with winter RVing.

Other input welcome.